About Us

Since more than 50 years Hans H. Grosse Logistic is deeply involved in global Containerisation and therefore we are the oldest Container Broker worldwide.

In as early as 1964 Mr. Grosse exhibited the very first I S O Steel Container worldwide. Initial reactions from the market were not much promising but in 1966 the first substantial Contract for several thousand 20’ Dry Cargo Containers was booked with Sea Containers, London.

Baby-ContainerIn the beginning three factories in Germany produced Steel Containers whilst five US-factories supplied Alu & Plywood Containers. In 1967 further Steel Container factories went on stream in Hungary, France and UK.- Overall annual Capacity in 1967 reached meagre about 150.000 TEUs.

When the global Containerisation slowly took pace the Production - due to wages - was shifted to Japan and later on to Korea. Rising wages again forced producers to transfer production sites - this time to PR China. - Nowadays there are more than 40 Container factories in China with a designed annual Capacity of more than 4 (four) million TEUs.

Since our start-up we fed the world’s Container fleet with more than 1 million TEUs Dry Cargo Containers by means of Brokerage, Licencing, Financing and other special means such as Barter trading etc.

Exclusive European and Overseas Sales Office for China

CombitainerWe are the exclusive European and Overseas Sales Office for Chinese Container factories whom we hand-picked under the criteria Quality and punctual Delivery. - We can offer from our factories Dry Cargo Containers as 20' (1CC), 40' (1AA) and 40'HC (1AAA) but also Open Top, Ventilated, Palletwide and other "special" Containers are sold including Reefer Containers.

Due to our factories locations we have good possibilities for smooth Positioning. Customers can buy ex-works, CY Loading Port or Positioned to every corner of the world mainly by one-way-free-use.

Throughout the years we built up a close co-operation to many leading Shipping Companies worldwide but also to various well known Leasing Companies.

To our Customers we do not offer only first-class Service but also a comprehensive knowledge concerning technical Container aspects, an efficient Marketing performance aided by swift, modern communication combined with a broad understanding concerning Containerisation and all affiliated transport systems.

In the late '60s Mr. Grosse created the saying:

Life without container is an error

which today is even more valid.